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Unreasonable Institute is now: Uncharted

Story, Daily Nuggets | | Nick Fellers

The Suddes Group / For Impact invests profits back into the social sector with a focus on to developing talent and leadership for the (social) impact. We’re really proud of Unreasonable Institute, which has been a great partner through which to focus this investment. In addition to supporting the Unreasonable Institute through strategy and fundraising, we provide a curriculum, coaching and training for entrepreneurs that go through the Institute programs (now in 30+ countries)!

The Unreasonable Institute

We’re beaming with pride yet again as Teju, Banks, and the entire Unreasonable Team have made a strategic leap to have more impact. Through this leap, they’ve also rebranded. The Unreasonable Institute is now UNCHARTED: Charting the Course from Impossible to Possible.

Here is a little from the Uncharted team about their evolving course and story.

Changing: To address ‘Persistent problems at scale’

  1. We want to find the best way to solve problems

    With an entrepreneur-centric model (Unreasonable Institute), we worked with a wide diversity of entrepreneurs who were creating impact in different sectors. In one cohort, we had entrepreneurs working in healthcare, education, and renewable energy. There was valuable impact with this model, but we want more than that. We want to accelerate the people and organizations that are uniquely positioned to tackle the same issue and put a big dent in it. So we’re moving from an entrepreneur-centric model to a problem-centric model where we put the problem at the center—like how to get low-income students into college. With that as our organizing principle, we identify the best people and organizations to put a dent in it and accelerate them so we can see measurable change.

  2. Entrepreneurs are only one catalyst to put a dent in big problems.

    The entrepreneurs we have worked with over the last seven years have created extraordinary impact, but to move the needle on a problem requires engaging a larger audience of entrepreneurs, corporations, policy-makers and governments.

  3. We asked: What if we could build a collective movement around a problem?

    Through a collective approach, we can address multiple drivers of one single problem. We’re going to take on specific problems, and build an army of entrepreneurs and give them access to what they need—mentors, funders, and partners— to attack it from all sides. That way, when we attempt to solve a problem, the odds of solving that problem go up dramatically.


There is no single way to solve the problems our globe faces. This learning marked the beginning of an arduous, important journey to not only a new look, but also a redesigned approach for how to solve the world’s greatest problems.

Uncharted represents that our world, and how we improve it, is not fixed. There is no single way to solve the problems our globe faces, so we must head into the uncharted and learn what it takes to put big dents in big challenges our world encounters.

Problems are complex and dynamic. Our approach to solving is multi-colored, multi-changing, and multi-shaped. Uncharted will adapt and become best suited to solve.