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Visit with a Lapsed Annual Fund Supporter

Video, Just Ask | | Tom Suddes

Tom walks through a visit with a prospect that has previously been engaged with the organization but has been disconnected for a length of time.


The prospect is a wealthy socialite with children who has been previously involved with the organization.




Key Learning Points:

  • 3 ways to help: Champion. Invite. Invest.
  • If someone is not volunteering the information, it is important to be aggressive in drawing out the information with questions
  • Go with the flow!
  • If the prospect stops you with a dollar amount, simply ask – What do you think the right number is? – put a number on a project.
  • If you don’t know what the capacity is, listen and learn – this will influence where you take your ask.
  • Tom didn’t start out asking for a 100k, he started with a specific program that tied back into the impact, which led to the ask.
  • Can you look at a very special project that will have a huge impact that i want to talk more with you about, that will also be $100K
  • It’s not negotiation, it’s a relationship.