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We Learn By Going Where We Have To Go

Execution, Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

Theodore Roethke
(via Julia Cameron)

Julia is without question one of my favorite authors, thinkers, writers. (The Artist’s Way, The Right to Write.) I’ve read this really powerful quote in a number of her works.

I believe it has meaning for us as INDIVIDUALS and for our INVESTORS.

First, for YOU. You learn by going where you have to go. If you want to learn to sell… then sell. If you want to learn to present opportunities… then present opportunities. If you want to learn to surf or ski or box… then you must surf, ski, box.

Robin Williams told Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting that he had never "done” anything. He only read books. He hadn’t “smelled the paint in the Sistine Chapel, etc.”

I’m sure you get the point.

As for your INVESTORS, if you really want them to LEARN about your IMPACT… then they need to “GO WHERE THEY HAVE TO GO“… which is WHERE YOU DELIVER YOUR SERVICES (IMPACT)!!!

In our ROADMAP (SALES PROCESS), one of the most important components is PREDISPOSITION.

What is the absolute PERFECT PREDISPOSITION??? It’s bringing the Qualified Prospect or potential/current investor TO YOU!!!

It’s about the ‘HOME COURT ADVANTAGE’. It’s also about you controlling the environment, the flow, the agenda, the tour (which is 100x than at their office or their home; and a 1,000x better than a ‘restaurant’!)

At Colorado College and Ohio Wesleyan University, we call this GTC: GET TO CAMPUS!

If… “A picture is worth a 1,000 words“…

Then… “A live Memorable Experience is worth a million words“.

Special Note: Please, please don’t tell me you can’t get people to come and visit you. I didn’t say this was easy. I said it will significantly increase the magnitude of the commitment!

If they SEE and FEEL and TOUCH and SMELL what you do… they will INVEST with a COMMENSURATE COMMITMENT!

Closing Story. This “LEARN BY GOING WHERE WE HAVE TO GO” idea is in play this week.

I’ve been involved as a boxer and now the boxing coach at Notre Dame for 40+ of 78 years it’s been around. The proceeds ($75,000 to $100,000) from the annual five-day Bengal Bout tournament go to the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh (formerly Bengal).

This week, five of the current Captains of the Boxing Club are IN Bangladesh… working with the Missionaries, helping teach English, visiting the villages, seeing what happens at the school, the orphanage and the infirmary.

Obviously, this will be a life-changing experience for them. They are also doing a DOCUMENTARY with a professor and professional videographers so that these young men can bring the Missions ‘BACK’ to show to those people (boxers, former boxers, etc.) who can’t “go where they have to go“.

Pretty cool.