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What Counts

Daily Nuggets | | Tom Suddes

“Not everything that counts can be counted.
And, not everything that can be counted, counts.”

This is a sign that reportedly hung in Albert Einstein’s office at Princeton.

(It’s one of the great little nuggets from Dan Pallotta’s book UNCHARITABLE. Much more on this later.)

I just want to make this a short and simple reminder that sometimes this whole idea of ‘measurement‘ and ‘business effectiveness‘ and ‘efficiency‘ (with supportive ‘numbers’) is not necessarily ‘THE ANSWER’ to everything.

I’m working with a number of really IMPACTFUL organizations whose IMPACT can’t be COUNTED… just “by the numbers”.

A lot of ‘Foundations’, ‘Social Venture Capitalists’ and nonprofit pundits are pushing. pretty hard on this ‘MEASUREMENT‘ thing.

While I’m still a firm believer in providing a RETURN ON INVESTMENT (and, maybe more importantly, a RETURN ON ENERGY), I believe there is always a ‘both/and’ answer (left brain/right brain, tangible/intangible, logic/magic).

Re-read the sign in Einstein’s office.

Think about this Banana Republic Postcard:

You can count the days or make every day count.

If we at For Impact can help any of you Change, Impact, Transform someone’s life… then this day COUNTS!