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A Budget is Never an Excuse for Inaction

Vision & Entrepreneurial Strategy | | Tom Suddes

I was reading Leader to Leader early this morning. (Terrific magazine coming from the Leader to Leader Institute, formerly Drucker Foundation.)

James Champy of RE-ENGINEERING fame had a great line about the real leadership companies:


He talks about how ENTREPRENEURIAL organizations never use their budget as an excuse; while larger companies are always talking about “The money is not in this year’s budget.”

Champy’s new book Outsmart!: How to Do What Your Competitors Can’t has six Guiding Principles. I thought you could put these to use right away.

Go far and deep with INSPIRATION! (This fits perfectly into our Altitude Framework that begins with VISION, IMPACT, INSPIRATION.)

  1. Be completely OPEN and TRANSPARENT. (Champy is talking about organizations but this also is true for you and your visit. AUTHENTICITY!)
  2. Embrace information TECHNOLOGY to enable change. (Find some New Millennial and have them help you utilize technology to scale and grow your IMPACT.)
  3. ACT whenever OPPORTUNITY knocks. (For Social Entrepreneurs and For Impact Leaders? there is sooooooo much OPPORTUNITY KNOCKING!! You just need to ENGAGE!)
  4. Accept VULNERABILITY as a way of life. (His point here is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’re going to Fail. Failure is good.)

  5. Accept RISK as a normal condition. (Every entrepreneur knows this.)

Try to find a copy of this article as well as some other great things at Leader to Leader.

I’m not a big ‘COMPETITION’ guy. I want all of you to succeed. Buy the book to get some more good ‘nuggets’ from a smart guy.