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Where Are the (Social) Entrepreneurs When You Need Them?

On Change in the Social Sector, Social Entrepreneurs | | Tom Suddes

I’ve been carrying around a quote from USA Today about Florida’s Statewide Nursing Shortage. The facts:

    • Four of Florida’s public universities have turned away about half of qualified nursing applicants.

    • An Associate Dean says they don’t have the resources or teachers to teach them.

    • The quote: “It’s very difficult attracting people to academia.”

    • Florida Center for Nursing reports that the state faces a “critical breakdown” in its healthcare system.

    • Nurses qualified to teach can earn much more outside of the classroom… at $100,000/year.

    • The universities are looking to hire faculty members for $45,000/year.

Here’s an entrepreneurial thought:

Pay qualified nurses $100,000/year (instead of the $45,000/year)… and generate millions more dollars in TUITION!