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Why & What before How

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Quick rant. Been working with a lot of organizations, schools, Y’s, Junior Achievements, etc. Especially schools.

They spend a ton of money on architects and design and building plans. I mean a lot of money.

Then, when it comes time to raise the money:

    1. They don’t want to spend any money on support and coaching.

    2. They haven’t dealt with the WHY (the new building) and the WHAT (what’s going to happen in the building). Then end up with an ‘unmarketable’ product because they haven’t involved any key leaders. (The building is always perceived to be too much money, wrong location, etc.)

    3. They don’t understand why no one supports the project.

Because there’s no BUY-IN!


*If it were me, I’d spent way more time, energy and money on LEADERSHIP CONSENSUS BUILDING and PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT/COACHING before I’d sink hundreds of thousands of dollars in ‘DESIGN’.