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Engage at 30,000′ = Why. What. Wow.

For Impact Ideas | | Nick Fellers

I used to say engaging at 30,000′ was about the WHY (or Purpose) and the WHAT. I’m starting to use WHY/WHAT/WOW as another great way to communicate to people how to think and frame at 30,000′.

WOW: Anything else that makes me go WOW! I HAVE to learn more about this… could be:

  • Size and scope of your impact.
  • History / legacy (context).
  • Founder’s story or unique perspective (if it’s truly unique).
  • The power of your team!

Mega important: There’s still some hierarchy. In most cases you need to establish the WHY and WHAT first… on a napkin. Otherwise, the wow factor doesn’t have context.

For more on Altitude and 30,000′ Messaging see Altitude Framework PDF and Stay at 30,000′.