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Write Great Stuff!

For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

I recently came up with this one-line coaching nugget:


It started when I was with the Colorado College Sales Team and we were talking about predisposition, getting the visit and following up after the visit.

Then, I was with two other coaching clients talking about STRATEGY on their very best prospects (one of whom had just been seen and had huge, 8 figure, potential.) My counsel was the same to all of these: WRITE GREAT STUFF!

I’ve learned something over the years that might be of value to you right now. Take the time to write or type or dictate your Call Report (Memo for the Record) immediately after the visit.

Then, use that summary to write the most powerful FOLLOW-UP possible.

    • This is customized, not a ‘form’ letter/email!
    • Great place to send a few paragraphs feeding back what you heard on the visit.
    • Terrific way to summarize and capture the Story and Message, especially some of the parts you weren’t able to cover during the ‘shoulder-to-shoulder visit’.
    • A chance to put, in writing, your acknowledgment of their gift/commitment… or the request/opportunity that you presented.
    • And perhaps most importantly, you can reinforce the specific follow-up. (I will call you next Tuesday).

This same concept works when it comes to getting the visit or predisposing for the visit.

Special, Special, Special Note: One of the huge epiphanies for a Colorado College Team superstar was this simple idea: The ultimate goal is not the ‘VISIT’… it is the ‘PRESENTATION OF THE OPPORTUNITY’!!!

If someone is telling you that they love your organization, but they just really can’t or don’t want to meet… then WRITE GREAT STUFF!

If someone is giving you $10,000 a year… and telling you how much they love your organization… then put a big OPPORTUNITY in front of them… IN WRITING… and tell them you’ll call them next Tuesday!