Sales is the forging of a human connection - you need a talented team that is truly COMMITTED TO SALES.

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Sales Model

The Sales Model is the way of thinking, culture and attitude focused on getting out to sell your impact.

At 30,000′: Sales Culture/Attitude

  • Sales Team & Culture. The very idea of a sales TEAM is radical for most organizations. Who’s on your sales team?
  • Simplicity and Speed. Simple presentation, simple tools, simple ask, act now.
  • Celebration! We can’t tell you how many organizations we see that don’t have ANY IDEA how to celebrate. Live a little, people!
  • Audacity. YES we’re asking on the proverbial “first date” because we aren’t here to cultivate, we’re here to save and change lives.
  • Motivation. Constant! From leadership and from each other. There’s a reason why the motivational/personal development industry is a $26B sector!

At 14,000′: Sales Strategy

  • Goals. Team first; individual goals support the team goals.
  • No silos! When you see a SALES-DRIVEN funding operation you DON’T see a planned giving officer, a major gifts officer, and a principal gifts director. You DON’T see people assigned to different projects. You see ONE TEAM, the members of which can sell ANY PROJECT.
  • Clear Message, Clear Math. It’s impossible to imagine a high-functioning TEAM if we can’t imagine what the ask looks like. It’s got to be clear, simple, repeatable.
  • Metrics. We get what we measure.
  • Master Prospect ListThis is the SACRED driver for your operation. It’s the ONE list that ranks and rates your prospects in descending order of importance. HAVE a list. WORK the list.

3′: Sales Execution

  • Listening
  • Engaging
  • Authenticity
  • O3: Stands for “Out Of the Office.” People are not sitting around. They’re OUT OF THE OFFICE making visits, telling the story, selling the vision.

Other Attributes:

  • SFP. A belief in the self-fulfilling prophecy. Write down goals. Get clarity. Make them happen.
  • Persistence. Period.
  • No rules. At least not conventional development rules – like the idea that you have to visit seven times before you ask.
  • Infectious enthusiasm of/from EVERY sales team member. You believe you’re changing the world or you don’t. Those who don’t bring other people UP — elevate the team — are off the bus.
  • Attitude. Attitude. Attitude.