Sales is the forging of a human connection - you need a talented team that is truly COMMITTED TO SALES.


Sales Model

The Sales Model is the way of thinking, culture and attitude focused on getting out to sell your impact.

At 30,000′: Sales Culture/Attitude

  • Sales Team & Culture. The very idea of a sales TEAM is radical for most organizations. Who’s on your sales team?
  • Simplicity and Speed. Simple presentation, simple tools, simple ask, act now.
  • Celebration! We can’t tell you how many organizations we see that don’t have ANY IDEA how to celebrate. Live a little, people!
  • Audacity. YES we’re asking on the proverbial “first date” because we aren’t here to cultivate, we’re here to save and change lives.
  • Motivation. Constant! From leadership and from each other. There’s a reason why the motivational/personal development industry is a $26B sector!

At 14,000′: Sales Strategy

  • Goals. Team first; individual goals support the team goals.
  • No silos! When you see a SALES-DRIVEN funding operation you DON’T see a planned giving officer, a major gifts officer, and a principal gifts director. You DON’T see people assigned to different projects. You see ONE TEAM, the members of which can sell ANY PROJECT.
  • Clear Message, Clear Math. It’s impossible to imagine a high-functioning TEAM if we can’t imagine what the ask looks like. It’s got to be clear, simple, repeatable.
  • Metrics. We get what we measure.
  • Master Prospect ListThis is the SACRED driver for your operation. It’s the ONE list that ranks and rates your prospects in descending order of importance. HAVE a list. WORK the list.

3′: Sales Execution

  • Listening
  • Engaging
  • Authenticity
  • O3: Stands for “Out Of the Office.” People are not sitting around. They’re OUT OF THE OFFICE making visits, telling the story, selling the vision.

Other Attributes:

  • SFP. A belief in the self-fulfilling prophecy. Write down goals. Get clarity. Make them happen.
  • Persistence. Period.
  • No rules. At least not conventional development rules – like the idea that you have to visit seven times before you ask.
  • Infectious enthusiasm of/from EVERY sales team member. You believe you’re changing the world or you don’t. Those who don’t bring other people UP — elevate the team — are off the bus.
  • Attitude. Attitude. Attitude.