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Bankers Do Not Have Any Imagination, None At All

Visual Engagement Tools | | Nick Fellers

Walt Disney was sending his brother Roy to meet with bankers in New York. He was going to pitch a new concept: Disneyland. At the time, Disney had cartoons but no theme parks.

As the story is told, he called in a young imaginer. To him he said,
“You know bankers don’t have any imagination, none at all. You have to show them what you’re going to do.” He then asked the imagineer to help him create a mock-up of Disneyland on a large storyboard. It was a splendid painting that even included black light paint so that you could see what Disneyland would look like at night.

This story comes from Walt Disney Imagineering: A Behind-the-Dreams Look at Making the Magic Real. The book includes pictures of the storyboard (pretty cool).

Always look for ways to SHOW what you’re going to do. Use Presentation Tools. Banker or not, there is a big difference between talking your way through something and showing your way through something. A presentation tool worked for Walt Disney… maybe it will work for you.