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Showing Napkin Messages and Nuggets

Visual Engagement Tools | | Nick Fellers

Just as Walt Disney did, it’s important for you to create visuals to illustrate your story (whether it is about a cartoon mouse or your operational budget).

I’ve pulled nine visuals from various presentation tools that were developed at or following training camps. These are intended to be used to create dialogue on a visit. They are not intended to be ‘stand alone’ marketing pictures. YOU add the context.

Special note: I could write three pages about each visual. Put differently, each visual summarizes three pages… that’s the point. Use these visuals for inspiration and don’t worry about complete comprehension.

Napkin and Visual Elements
114 kb – PDF

Our Service Model
“Our Service Model”
Help me understand WHAT your organization does: simply. This (national) organization connects enterprise with education.
Impact of This Program
“Impact of This Program”
12 Families. 12 Women. 19 Children. (Illustrated)
Our Funding Model
“Our Funding Model”
Only three pieces:

  1. Priority initiatives
    (think: major gifts)

  2. Our legacy society
    (think: planned giving)

  3. Cornerstone Society
    (think: annual giving club/membership @ $1000)
Annual Fund Impact
“Annual Fund Impact”

  • Expand existing programs
  • Take to new areas
  • Connect service locations
A For Impact Mantra
“A For Impact Mantra”
Your ability to communicate your impact determines your income.
Our Focus
“Our Focus”
We are the only organization focused exclusively on cancer prevention for kids.
Where does the money go?
“Where Does the Money Go?”
School: Three funding priorities
The Gap
“The Gap”
“We make connections”
Our Service Model
“Our Operating Model”
Complex budget explained with three pieces.