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Celebrate Your Birthdate

Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

For the last eight or nine years, I have tried very, very hard to make my BIRTHDATE a special day every month. March 19th is my birthday, thus today is my August BIRTHDATE.

I’ve been quietly trying to encourage everyone around me to CELEBRATE their own BIRTHDATE. And, not so quietly, I have challenged thousands of individuals at certain speaking engagements to do the same.

I encourage you to make your BIRTHDATE a special day for YOU. Do something SOLO. (Breakfast or coffee shop with a journal or a book. A motorcycle or bike ride. A yoga class. Whatever.)

Do something special with those you love. Spend a little time with the g-kids. Catch up with a sib or a child away from home. Have lunch the ‘girls’ or a beverage with the ‘boys’.

*I also use the 19th as the once a month review of my goals (lifetime, this year, upcoming 90 days, etc.)

Most people laugh (hard) when I tell them to take their birthdate off. Yet, if we can’t set aside even one day for ourself… things are pretty screwed up.

Today I’m going to my favorite coffee shop and just think, write and plan for a few hours. Then, I’m going to hang out at the farm with the grandkids and the animals. Then, I’m going to get a great workout in at Sullivan’s Boxing Gym. Then, I’m going to go home and start reading Brian Haig’s new book that just came out.

Coffee, journal, kids, boxing, books… LIFE IS GRAND.