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Seeking Balance

Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

I’m just finishing up some reflections on LIFE and WORK, called 25 WISHES.

I started The Suddes Group 25 years ago, and I wanted to capture some of the things that I WISH… I would have known either earlier in my life or understood more deeply the essence and implication of the idea captured in the WISH.

WISH #1 is SEEK BALANCE. This is about the paradox, conundrum or supposed conflict of BALANCE in your LIFE and your WORK.

Yesterday I was reading FSB (Fortune Small Business) about entrepreneurs who started their companies during a recession/downturn, and who now run really big organizations.

The real ‘bummer in all of the articles was the following quote by the founders of Costco in Seattle: “We worked almost constantly… we didn’t see our kids. (We) were on the road almost every day for 10 years. It was a tough grind.”

You think?

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