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For Impact Ideas | | Tom Suddes

Morris Pollard, professor emeritus of biological sciences and director of the University of Notre Dame’s Lobund Laboratory, died Saturday at 95 years old. I had a chance, first hand, to see the work that Dr. Pollard did that had an impact on Notre Dame, the community and the world.

As one of the first Jewish scholars and faculty members, Pollard was convinced by Father Hesburgh (president) to join the faculty in 1961 and expand the ecumenical presence.

In the news release from Notre Dame, here’s the paragraph and the quote I found most telling.

Pollard worked at all of these things until his very last days. “I can’t imagine doing anything else,” he said recently. “I think if you are doing something meaningful and important and you stop doing it, you’ll always look back with regret.”

As another old (but not that old) guy, I would add that if you are doing something meaningful and important, there’s no reason to stop doing it. That’s what many/most of you are doing in this wonderful For Impact world.