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‘Focus On Your Strengths’ Reinforced

Personal Development | | Tom Suddes

Nick went to see Marcus Buckingham last week. This morning I was looking at my October Issue of Success Magazine and came across a great article about Buckingham called Play to Your Strengths.

Buckingham’s mentor at the Gallup Organization was Don Clifton, whose book back in the early ‘80’s SOAR WITH STRENGTHS had a profound effect on me, my life and my coaching.

Here’s a quote from Buckingham that should help you understand this whole “Soar With Your Strengths”, “Now Discover Your Strengths, Go Put Your Strengths to Work” thing.

“The most successful people are incredibly clear about what invigorates them and what doesn’t.”

My translation of that has been a CONTROLLING INSIGHT (another great Buckingham concept) for me.

Find the thing that you really, really, really LOVE to do… and then figure out how to make a life or a business or work around that passion.

In Bob & Melissa Blanchard’s words: “LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE!”

(I’m Tom Suddes, and I approve this message.)