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No More Suits & Ties

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I received this article, To Save Power, Bangladesh Bans Suits and Ties, from my good friend and former Notre Dame Boxing Captain, Leo Rubinkowski. Just another reason that I love Bangladesh.

*For context, I’ve been the Boxing Coach at Notre Dame for the last 35 years. The Bengal Bouts will be held for the 80th time this year. All of the proceeds from the five-day tournament (over $1 Million to date) go to the Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh, formerly Bengal. I have visited the Missions there; and, more recently, eight of our current boxers have visited on three different occasions in the last year. Incredible program.

I spent 25 years in business ‘in uniform’. Triple starched white shirts. Dark green or dark blue suit. Conservative, regimental ties. (My brother John and I used to change into four or five white shirts per day when we were working in places like St. Louis in the summer!)

As a truly Old Guy, I’ve been around enough other Old Guys to verify that this UNIFORM has nothing to do with Leadership, Creativity or Innovation. It certainly has zero to do with THINKING. In fact, almost everybody knows that THINKING TIME does not coincide with SUIT & TIE TIME.

Take off your jacket. Undo or trash your tie. ‘Ties’ cut off circulation and strangle the brain.

Get comfortable… and THINK.

P.S. Hopefully, Beau Brummel has been banished to that ‘hot place’ and forced to wear a dark suit, starched white shirt and a really tight tie… in Hades.