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Your Funding Plan Supports Your Case

Funding | | Nick Fellers

Your funding plan should be part of your case for support.

The funding plan is the HOW behind the big picture (funding) goal. And, the big picture (funding) goal is what you need to deliver your vision. So, in essence, this is HOW you will deliver on your vision.

Is that important? You bet!

Most organizations don’t have a funding plan! If they do, they don’t think about the importance of the plan as it relates to the case for funding.

The funding plan does a few things as it relates to your case:

  • It makes it believable. If a funder doesn’t see HOW you’re going to fund the vision, priority,
    or project, she/he is not going to commit.
  • It shows a potential investor how she/he would fit into the funding vision. Context!
  • It also illustrates that you’re not just picking a number out of the air. Logic!