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Giving USA Data Reinforces People Still Give When Economy Down

Attitude | | Tom Suddes

Steve sent me a great report by Giving USA about fundraising and hard economic times. Steve’s summary of what organizations need to do during tough economic times boiled down to:

“Your loyal investors and leaders are more important than ever.”

Ditto. Echo. Agree.

The report is great RESOURCE for your board, your senior staff and your development staff. (Contact Giving USA to order a copy $45 – Issue 3, 2008).

Some quick highlights:

  • Total giving has increased in current dollars in every year but one since recording began.

  • When the economy shows stress, whether it’s a recession or not, giving may grow more slowly… but it’s important to note that giving still grows!

  • Giving USA suggests under a heading of What Organizations Need to Do, that the most important step is to ask people for ‘contributions’ (Their word. Mine, obviously, is investments.) in a clear and focused manner.

    They go on to say to work closely with the board and to develop and follow a plan! As they say, it’s easier to stay focused and maintain momentum with a plan.

  • Here’s the closing line. “News reports often focus on negative stories, yet data shows repeatedly that donors continue to give during a recession or downturn and that nonprofit organizations continue to raise funds successfully!”

There’s a lot of good DATA but this line is the most important takeaway.