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Leadership Consensus Building

Funding Model and Funding Plans | | Tom Suddes

Leadership Consensus Building is both a lightning fast alternative to a feasibility study and a process to:

  • Engage top stakeholders.
  • Gather input and feedback around your message and priorities.
  • Commit to a funding plan

This seminar is led by Tom Suddes and is 30 minutes in length.

MP3 File | Seminar Guidebook

You should use this LCB process IF:

  • Your VISION/MISSION/MESSAGE is NOT clear, concise and compelling … and CANNOT be delivered in a consistent way by all of your STAKEHOLDERS.
  • You are planning a Campaign … since this process is considerably more productive and
    valuable than the typical “Feasibility Study” or “Internal Case Statement”.
  • Your “needs” require FUNDING that is greater than you’ve ever attempted!!! (And,
    you are not celebrating your “150th anniversary” nor have “10,000 great relationships
    in your database.)