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No More Major Gift Officers

Funding Model and Funding Plans | | Tom Suddes

Don’t freak out! If you ARE a Major Gift Officer … or have just HIRED a Major Gift Officer … or HAVE multiple Major Gift Officers … THAT’S GREAT!!!

What I’m strongly urging you to do is to CHANGE THEIR TITLE!!!

  • It’s soooooo development-y and fundraise-y!
  • It’s such an insider’s word.

We should wear a sandwich board that says “I’m a MAJOR GIFT OFFICER. I’m coming to ask you for a Major Gift. Get ready.”

Nobody OUTSIDE your organization deals with “MAJOR GIFTS”.

Nobody INSIDE even knows what they are.

As always, I challenge you with the NO MORE … but offer an alternative SOLUTION.

Change the TITLE of your “MAJOR GIFT OFFICERS” to something that includes the word RELATIONSHIP!!!

  • Could be a CRO: Chief Relationship Officer.
  • Could be a RRO: Regional Relationship Officer
  • Could be RDOR: Regional Director of Relationships
  • Could be a CRO: College Relationship Officer
  • Could be just R.O.: Relationship Officer