For Impact


More Vocabulary Changes

Examples, Vision & Entrepreneurial Strategy | | Tom Suddes

Wherever we go people really seem to be impacted by the For Impact Change in Vocabulary. This week, I wanted to leave you with more word changes …

“Words are Important!!!”
Tom Peters
Fundraising Sales
Tax Deductible Success to Significance
Manage Build & Maximize
Fundraiser Opportunity Presenter
Beggar Matchmaker
Peer-to-peer Professional Presentation
Solicitation Any other Word!!!
Trading Dollars Want to Help
Cold Calls Predisposition
Appointment Visit
Face-to-face Shoulder-to-shoulder
Solo Selling Team Selling
Debate Dialogue
Telling Selling
Talking Listening
3-Ring Binders Presentation Tools
Powerpoints Napkins
Objections Challenges
A Job A Calling
People-Oriented Talent-Focused
Skills Passion
Bureaucracy Social Entrepreneurship
No Risk Failure
Perfection Prototype
Sustainability Put Yourself out of Business

I would encourage you to share these vocabulary changes with your entire team including your board. Go one step further and develop your own ‘team vocabulary’ or team language.

How does this change the way you FUND your Vision??