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Sales Nugget 3: The Importance of Personal Goals

The Ask | | Tom Suddes

Re: Frank, It may seem a little weird to talk about “PERSONAL GOALS” when you’re dealing with SALES or SALES GOALS. Frank Sullivan, however, was all about writing out ALL of his goals and plans… personal, financial, business, sales, etc.

Frank was literally the first person in my “business life” (and, actually, one of the very few people) that talked about his personal life and his family and his own goals… as they related to his business and sales goals.

Frank ultimately came down with Alzheimer’s at the end of his life, but, by then, he had impacted so many people and left a huge legacy. These “personal goals” and “family first” was his GIFT to me. I am forever grateful.

***Frank’s the one who first gave me the idea of “solo time” with the kids, which I turned into BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST, where we actually went over their “favorite” books, TV, friends, food, etc…. and then did their GOALS for the upcoming year. I tried to capture all that in my journal/green book.

If you’ve never done ‘GOALS’ with a 3-year-old, you’ve really missed out!