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Sales Nugget 4: Selling Yourself

The Ask | | Tom Suddes

Frank Sullivan used to say that he spent 90% of his time SELLING HIMSELF… and 10% of his time selling his product.

As a “young pup”, I’ll never forget Frank telling me how, early in his career, he would go to a prospect and say, “This is my background. Some day I’m going to be the most successful insurance salesman in our town, and I need you. Will you please help me grow?”

One of his most important lessons from his own experience was that if you are very honest with everybody and tell them you need their help, you will get it. (Amazingly, 30 years later, this “AUTHENTICITY” still works!)

Frank was also a big proponent of “INVESTING IN YOURSELF”! He believed, as I do, that personal growth, continuous learning, having a “life” outside your organization/business, reading, listening to audio tapes, etc. are all part of your ability to ‘sell’ yourself.

Special Note (for Re-Enforcement):

In the “Little Red Book of Selling”, Jeffrey Gitomer shares his version of Frank’s lesson by listing the 12 ½ reasons “WHY PEOPLE BUY” (which, by the way, he says is one million times more important than “HOW DO I SELL”).

Here are six of his twelve.

  1. I like my SALES REP.
  2. I believe my SALES REP.
  3. I have confidence in my SALES REP.
  4. I trust my SALES REP.
  5. I am comfortable with my SALES REP.

12½. I perceive that my SALES REP is trying to help me build my business in order to earn his. My SALESPERSON is a valuable resource to me.

I hope you “GET THIS”! It’s why the ‘OPEN’ in every FOR IMPACT PRESENTATION is about:

  • YOU!!!!
  • THEM
  • US (The Org)