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Staff or Staph

Team | | Tom Suddes

A special thanks to one of our Senior Partners, Steve Geuther…

Are your people STAFF or STAPH??? Are they INFECTIOUS… or an INFECTION???

While this whole ‘economy, recession, implosion‘ thing is just really a sorry excuse for not being out with our best prospects… it does provide a GREAT OPPORTUNITY to RE-THINK and RE-DESIGN and RE-ALLOCATE our personnel, people, team.

STAFF or STAPH is not just about TALENT, but about ATTITUDE!!!

If I were you, I’d use this time to seriously execute on Jim Collin’s ‘BUS’ strategy.

Right people on the bus. Wrong people off the bus. Right people in the right seats.

I take this ‘INFECTION’ stuff very seriously. I’ve worked with so many organizations that overall had a great TEAM… but had one or two people who were actually CANCEROUS, and whose attitude and mindset was so negative that it really was infecting other people (no matter how hard they tried to avoid it).

Now is the time… to eliminate the ‘STAFF INFECTION’.

P.S. All of this also applies to your BOARD. Use these chaotic times to make some much-needed CHANGES in your Board make-up.

Go find some CHAMPIONS!