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Sales Process (A Visual)

Examples, The Ask | | Nick Fellers

Wanted to share this illustration of a customized sales process Kerry and I did with a client. If you’ve been to a workshop you will recognize Predisposition > PTO (Present the Opportunity) > Follow-up from the Roadmap: Sales Process.

Though we made it for one client, I think it’s pretty near universal.

  1. Leads feed into a PREDISPOSITION STRATEGY
  2. VISIT! Do Discovery and then PTO… could be two visits or one but not more.
  3. The GOAL is a big deal to me… if we can get them to say, “Wow, this is great, what can I do to help?” Then it’s not about cultivation, time or a chess-like gambit. It’s about communicating the ‘how to help’… now/today.If they don’t say, “Wow!” then we effectively JUST ASK around the goal… and get permission to talk about the funding plan on the next (second) visit.
  4. Follow-up – is a STRATEGY, not an ACTION ITEM.

Download the Visual