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As a right-brain (hair-brain?), contrarian, mind-mapping maverick, talking about a ‘SYSTEM’ is sometimes hard. But, I saw the word as an acronym and I can certainly buy into this:

Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

That’s really what a true SYSTEM does.

Note: A SYSTEM, by definition, is an orderly, inner-connected arrangement… a set of principles linked to form a coherent doctrine or… a method of organization, administration or procedure.

We’ve got some great SYSTEMS. You can call them processes or frameworks or methodologies, but I believe all of these qualify:

• A SALES SYSTEM (the Roadmap and Process).
• A DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM (around the Model).
• A PRESENTATION SYSTEM (a Framework and Flow).
• A PROSPECTING SYSTEM (to help Identify, Prioritize and Strategize).
• A ‘STRATEGIC PLANNING’ SYSTEM (around Leadership Consensus Building).
• A (Non-Traditional) CAMPAIGN SYSTEM.

All of these Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

Let us know if you could use any of these SYSTEMS, especially you left-brains, need the details, execution.