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The Only Presentation Tool You Need

Examples, Visual Engagement Tools | | Tom Suddes

Simplify your message so that it fits on a napkin.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s really hard to simplify your message/model/meaning on a back of a napkin. However, I believe that your ability to engage someone with what you do, why and how is proportional to how clearly and cleanly you can communicate your message.

This is a really big deal. When sitting down with someone new they should ‘get it’ in a matter of seconds. Too often we overwhelm people with powerpoints, three-ring binders, slick brochures … don’t do it.

I’ve made many ‘million dollar calls’ using ONLY a napkin. I believe it is the BEST and ONLY presentation tool you need.

Just for kicks … see if you can identify these industry changing businesses from the napkins below (click to enlarge). I will buy a subscription to Fast Company for anyone that gets all four. E-Mail with your answers or your own napkin (I’m happy to respond … add thoughts, etc.)