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Turn A Presentation Into A Conversation

Sales (Major Gifts) Process, Visual Engagement Tools, Funding Strategy | | Tom Suddes

Nick just shared with you some pretty interesting stuff from his sessions with Tim out in the Northwest.

One really powerful word that struck me was ‘CONVERSATION’.

Tim indicated that Nick helped him see that this was much more about a ‘CONVERSATION’ than a ‘scripted presentation’. I love this because:

  • It re-frames the PURPOSE of the presentation (of the opportunity).
  • It ties very well to whole concept of ‘VISIT’ vs. an appointment! Obviously, you would have a CONVERSATION on your VISIT.
  • It’s really just another great way to understand the word DIALOGUE!If you’re a For Impact member or frequent reader, you’ll know that DIALOGUE is the centerpiece of our PRESENTATION FLOW. There’s always an OPEN… followed by DIALOGUE… and concluded with some type of PRESENTATION OF THE OPPORTUNITY.

Quick thanks to Nick and Tim for helping with a different view of PRESENTATION… CONVERSATION… and RELATIONSHIPS.