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3 Ideas to Help You Ask

Fund Development, Just Engage, On Engagement | | Tom Suddes

1. Get Something On The (Proverbial) ‘TABLE’.

  • Here’s another of Nick’s ‘BRILLIANT’ ways to make the JUST ASK point:
  • Just get SOMETHING on the ‘TABLE’.
    • Get the ‘level of engagement’… on the table.
    • Get a ‘dollar amount’… on the table.
    • Get a ‘priority or project’… on the table.

2. Get a ‘ROADMAP’ to the gift.

  • Again, Nick has been using this as a HUGE part of our training and strategy with sales teams.
  • Don’t leave the visit without a literal ‘ROADMAP’ to the gift!!!
  • “Are you in?” “What can we do to solidify commitment?” “How can we confirm amount?” Etc.

3. Try for a TRIPLE ASK on every visit!

  • In our world, the ‘best of the best’ learn how to make a ‘Triple Ask’ tied to Today | Tomorrow | Forever. They use this to answer “How can I help?”… and frame this around Annual Operations, Priority Projects and Legacy.