"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


Low Hanging Fruit

The reference here is Qualified Prospects that are ‘easy to pick’!

ACTION: Go to your D-Base Manager, eTapestry, Raiser’s Edge, Banner or whatever and ask ‘Hal’ to spit out these lists:

  • A Top Down Current (Annual Giving) List.
  • A Top Down Cumulative (HISTORICAL GIVING) List.

These ‘lists’ give you a great place to start with those who are already giving! We’ve already covered why ‘GIFT HISTORY’ is not the best way to view prospects, this concept of ‘low-hanging fruit’ suggests it doesn’t make much sense to NOT visit/present/ask our best current GIVERS! Hence the ‘TOP DOWN’ nature of the lists – We’ve seen these lists NOT include gifts or investments of $1M and more because they were Planned (Estate) Gifts!

These INVESTORS should have been near the TOP of the list. Instead, they weren’t even ON the list!