"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


Wealthy Vs. Qualified

The wealthiest names on your list are not necessarily the most qualified prospects. A truly qualified prospect for your organization has both wealth (financial capacity) AND a relationship with your cause. Here’s the really important point: They must have BOTH (to some degree).

Too many organizations are trying to figure out how to bend and twist a case for a prospect with the highest capacity (and very little connection to cause).

Example: Imagine you are an organization that is working cure colon cancer:

  • Prospect #1: A really visible billionaire located in your city. This billionaire gives primarily to her alma mater and the arts.
  • Prospect #2: More modest capacity (could make a six or seven-figure commitment). Located in a different city and has had two siblings directly impacted by colon cancer.

Prospect #2 is wayyyyy more qualified than Prospect #1.


  • Quality dictates priority and focus. Focus on your most QUALIFIED prospects.
  • A truly qualified prospect will also help you find five more great prospects.