"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes



REFERRALS are the Absolute Best (No Brainer) SOURCE of your most QUALIFIED PROSPECTS! When a CHAMPION or CURRENT INVESTOR tells you that someone is a ‘GOOD PROSPECT’, don’t ask a lot of questions… just put them on your PROSPECT LIST!!!

(Obviously, you should get as much information about the referral (prospect) from the referring source to help you with the STRATEGY.)

Here some thoughts on REFERRALS.

  1. Make a PLEDGE to yourself that you will never, ever, ever leave PROSPECT or a VISIT without asking for REFERRALS!

    Simply ask: “Do you know of other people LIKE YOU who believe in what we do … or who are interested in this Cause?”

  2. For LEVERAGE, MOMENTUM and MEMBERSHIP (in your Leadership Societies or giving programs), you just can’t beat the whole concept of REFERRALS.

    Simply ask: “Are there others who can JOIN YOU in the President’s Circle or Legacy Society or Leadership Program?”

  3. From the One Minute Sales Person:

    After I sell on purpose, people feel good about what they bought and about themselves. And so they give me invaluable REFERRALS.

    Think about this. If we really are meeting with great prospects who ultimately INVEST, they really do feel good about their ‘INVESTMENT’. ALL of them should not just be willing but excited to share names (REFERRALS) with you.

    Special Note: That does not mean that every one of them wants you to ‘use their name.’ Again, you can simply ask: “Would you be willing to help with this (name of REFERRAL)? Can I use your name? Would you send a pre-disposition note to help set up the visit?”