"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


An Ask on the First Visit

In an unscripted scenario, Tom conducts an Ask On the First Visit to demonstrate the flow of the For Impact coaching principles and strategies.


The client is a high-capacity Catholic prospect that is highly involved with his Parish. Other than this, Tom knows very little about the client and his connection with the organization.



Key Learning Points:

  • Be intentionally time considerate throughout the visit (i.e., say ‘Thanks for your time today’)
  • Sit shoulder-to-shoulder rather than face-to-face – it creates a “team” mentality
  • Taking notes is mandatory!
  • Ask LOTS of questions and listen to the answer. Get the client involved and engaged by creating questions. (i.e. How many children do you have? Grandchildren?)
  • Use the altitude framework, focus on the impact – Purpose, Priorities, Plan
  • Let the client go where he wants to go (i.e. Which one of our priorities grabs ahold of you and makes a connection?)
  • Roadmap: Predisposition, Presentation, Follow-Up
  • Engagement tool: not all of the tool is needed

Key Language and Phrases:

  • I wanted to share a couple of things with you
  • Let me show you cleanly and simply
  • We need more involvement from smart and engaged leaders in the community
  • We need handful of founding members to help create momentum with this project
  • I think it is important for you to be in this area/we need you in this area. Is that something you could do?
  • I know you have the capacity, is it a possibility?
  • Wrap up and give a direct action plan for following up