"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


The Triple Ask

In a Relationship Based Funding Model, you don’t have to pit the Annual Fund against Campaign Gifts. Those are internal silos. Instead it’s all about supporting your IMPACT – Today (current programs), Tomorrow (Special Projects – Multi Year Funding Opportunities) and Forever (Legacy Funding).

When you and your team commit to sales you aren’t running an ‘annual campaign’ and then coming back later to run an ‘endowment campaign’. You’re sitting down with people (individuals/corporations/foundations) and saying, “here all the ways you can support us!”

  • Today: This is cash to your CURRENT IMPACT / CURRENT PROGRAMS (read: operations). A big part of this strategy is the user of IMPACT CIRCLES – annual giving clubs with one level at $1K or $10K (depending upon size and scope of your operation).
  • Tomorrow: Multi-year funding opportunities tied to your biggest priorities or programs (often thought of as major gifts).
  • Forever: Legacy Giving (planned giving) and Transformational Giving opportunities. Use Legacy Giving to fund your endowment.

The Today/Tomorrow/Forever matches to your message for each type of giving. More than that, this model illustrates a COMPLETE funding model which gives you the ability to make THE TRIPLE ASK!!!!! This is an ask for TODAY/TOMORROW/FOREVER on one visit!