"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


The Irrational Investor

1 out of 30 prospects is what we call: The Irrational Investor.

The Irrational Investor is real. S/he does exist!

But we often let this ONE prospect define our preparation, our anxiety, and our expectation.

The Irrational Investor is the prospect who asks for seven years of financial data… and then tells you that your impact calculation methodology is wrong… and that you should re-present all your materials like XYZ organization does.

Here’s the thing:

  • You will never have enough financial data for this investor.
  • You will never have the perfect impact calculation for this investor.
  • You will never land the perfect presentation with this investor.

The Irrational Investor prevents us from getting out and making visits because we keeping coming up with the next ‘but what if they ask this?’ question + answer. The WHAT IFs quickly become irrational and never-ending.

Stop preparing for the Irrational Investor and focus on getting to the other 29 prospects who are going to be great.

Tip: The Irrational Investor is a lot easier to spot when you have 29 other visits for comparison.

When you DO come upon the Irrational Investor, just smile… enjoy your thirty minutes and be polite. Enjoy it because you’re going to have a good story to tell…