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Rate and Rank with the Qualified Prospect Index (Q.P.I.)

We have built a system called to help you Rate and Rank your MPL – the Q.P.I. or Qualified Prospect Index. The QPI is based on 5 categories – each weighted to its relative importance.

Download the MPL Excel Template


Each prospect receives a rating of 1-5 in each category, with 5 being the highest. The sum weighted total of ratings in each of the five categories will give you the Qualified Prospect Index – A number somewhere between 0 – 100. You need to visit with anyone 90 and higher today!

Here are the categories:

Weight: 7

Capacity is a specific function of FINANCIAL RESOURCES from INCOME, ASSETS or ESTATE. A gentle reminder: This is not how much you think they will give. It’s what they COULD give if they wanted to!This number is the prospect’s capacity to make a major gift – a gift level that is worthy of one-on-one time with a prospect.

For example:
5 – $1MM
4 – $100K
3 – $10K
2 – $1K
1 – Unknown
Weight: 6

This number is an indication of the prospect’s relationship to either the Cause, the Case, your Organization, or your Priorities, Programs and Projects.If this prospect is on your board it should be a five (5). If, for example, you are the American Cancer Society, and this prospect is a cancer survivor, the rating should be a five (5) even with no gift history.

For example:
5 – Specific relationship to our organization or cause
4 – Heavily invested in our cause or within a sector or geography in which we operate

Weight: 2

Gift History – it is what it is. Your best prospects may or may not have given. Most likely, they have given exactly what has been asked!You might determine that a five (5) on the rating scale indicates lifetime giving of $100,000+ or ten consecutive years in your Leadership Society. Below is an example using higher numbers.

5 – Has given multiple lifetime gifts and/or has given $1M lifetime
4 – Has given one or multiple gifts and/or has given $100k lifetime
3 – Has given one or multiple gifts and/or has given $10k lifetime
2 – Has given 1 lifetime gift and/or has given $1k liftetime
1 – Has never given and/or has given less than $1k lifetime

Weight: 2
This is a measure of the prospect’s general willingness to give to OTHER Causes and Cases, which will help you understand their philanthropic interest, as well as their giving capacity. Has he or she supported other organizations? Is it a foundation (5)? Do we have a good feeling about them? Give it a 5! This is also where we take into account the person who reaches out to us first or has said, “I want to help.” or “I want to do something big, can we talk?” Give that a 5 as well.
Weight: 3
Timing is pretty self-explanatory. Where is this particular prospect in the cycle of life (kids, kids in college, business, moving from success to significance); the cycle of their relationship with the organization (former Board member, just coming on the Board, new Leadership Society Member, etc.)

Special Note: We would encourage you to rate (err) on the side of aggressively Presenting the Opportunity … soon! Example: Just because someone has made a five-year commitment to your organization/campaign certainly doesn’t mean that you need to wait five years before you can go back and ask! Give timing a five (5) unless you have specific knowledge otherwise.