"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


The Goal of the First Visit

The goal of a ‘first visit’ is to get the other person to say,

“Wow, this is great, what can I do to help?” 


If you can get the other person to say – in effect – “I’m in!”, then it’s not about cultivation, a series of complicated chess moves or backroom meetings about ‘timing’. It is about answering their question: What can I do to help?

You can get there in two years or twenty minutes. It often comes down to your message or how long it takes you to do discovery and make a connection to your message.

To get to this goal means:

  • Clearly communicating the CAUSE/PURPOSE/VISION.
  • Laying out a tight CASE. Think of CASE as a solution or address to the CAUSE.)
  • Creating ENGAGEMENT. In all likelihood, you’ve asked great questions and listened your tail off .

Bonus: You brought a high level of PASSION to the first visit.

Sometimes, you can do all of the above and the other person doesn’t say exactly, “Wow, this is great, what can I do to help?” But you can always get there with some dialogue:

  • “My goal today was to share [XYZ IMPACT], to learn more about what you care about and to ask you if this is something you would like to help with.”
  • “Would it be okay to follow-up with a conversation about how you might be able to help?” This is asking for permission to move to the goal.

* Note: Even if you don’t get a straight up ‘yes’ to the above questions, they create productive dialogue to advance the conversation. For example, the prospect could say, “Well, first I would want to see the program in action.” PERFECT! OF COURSE! And now they are committing to coming to your place to see the program AND we have a common understanding that we are going to talk about ways to help financially!