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Find Natural Partner

A NATURAL PARTNER is a person (either inside or outside of your organization) who has a strong relationship with your organization and an existing relationship with this prospect. (Or a reason to believe one can be established quickly!)

Externally, Natural Partners can be on your Board. They can have a business relationship with the prospect. They can be members of the same club or organization. They can be fellow community leaders, etc.

Internally, the Natural Partner can be anyone from the President, Executive Director or top senior leadership, to a local staff person who has a great relationship with the prospect.

Tip: It’s important that you determine the difference between a RELATIONSHIP MANAGER and a NATURAL PARTNER. The RELATIONSHIP MANAGER does not necessarily have to have an existing relationship with the prospect. Their job is to do exactly what it says – MANAGE THE RELATIONSHIP. The NATURAL PARTNER must have an existing relationship, or the ability to create one immediately.