"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


Assign Relationship Manager

It’s super important to assign a Relationship Manager (R.M.) to all of your TOP PROSPECTS.

The R.M. needs to utilize the total resources of the team to nurture a relationship through a series of NATURAL CLOSES or ASKS. The closer we become to our investors, the stronger our ability to MAXIMIZE their willingness to invest in our impact.

As the RELATIONSHIP MANAGER, “If it is to be…it’s up to me!”

A Relationship Manager is always a staff person

A Relationship Manager is only one set of initials (You cannot ‘split’ a prospect between two RMs)

A Relationship Manager’s job is to manage the relationship (Duh!)

A Relationship Manager is action-oriented

A Relationship Manager actually manages the strategy to maximize the relationship

A Relationship Manager should be assigned to every one of your Top 100 Prospects (at minimum)