"You're in Sales. Get over it!" -Tom Suddes


Magic Formula

This formula has ‘magically’ produced some amazing ‘new’ names that have turned into big-time investors!


QP → QP3


The arrow from ‘QP’ towards ‘QP3’ means that when we are on a visit with our Best Prospects we are ASKING THEM to help pick the AREA OF INTEREST! For us, that question is almost always tied to the 3 ‘BUCKETS’ or the 3 CIRCLES that represent the priorities of the particular initiative, e.g. People, Program & Place; Research, Education & Service; etc.

We simply ask: “Which one of these is most important to you?”

QP ← QP3


The arrow going the other way (from QP3 to QP) is the real ‘MAGIC’ for more and better prospects! The idea here is to take a particular Program, Project or Priority – a building project, a ‘Green’ initiative, a new treatment program, high-level training of your best people, cutting edge equipment, etc. – and actually generate names of prospects or potential investors who are connected to QP3 (Program, Project or Priority.)

The beauty of this is that they may not be RELATED (or have a Relationship) to your Cause or your Case at the moment, but because they have a specific interest in this Program, Project or Priority, they become potential PROSPECTS.

Here are some examples:

  • You do great work with KIDS. You need help at your CAMP. There are a number of BUILDING PROJECTS, and, you’d like to be more GREEN. You would then look to find entrepreneurial contractors, with kids, who have an environmental focus and who might be willing to help with that project.
  • You have an opportunity to create a NATIONAL MODEL within your specific CAUSE (Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Autism, etc.) You would then look for a NATIONAL FOUNDATION who is already committed towards this particular Cause (but may know nothing about you or your organization or your Case).
  • Perhaps you need more TRAINING for YOUR PEOPLE. You could talk to training companies or training departments within large companies.
  • New Kitchen Area? Restaurants. New Science Lab? Engineering Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, etc. And on and on and on.

Special Note: The best way to make this work is to simply LIST all of your PRIORITIES, PROGRAMS and PROJECTS and then brainstorm who would fit or be interested.