EVERYTHING is a story. It’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for your prospects.


The Vision Can Be The Project

Everything’s a Project!

If you’ve been to Boot Camp you’ve probably heard us use this mantra.

What it means is that you should be able to package literally everything as a project, priority or program.

With this mentality, there is no such thing as ‘unrestricted’! It all goes toward something – Some IMPACT.

Taking it up another level. If you’re really casting a clear and compelling vision then THE VISION can be THE PROJECT. It’s a 30,000’ sale, saying, “Nick, I need ten people to get behind this vision and underwrite it – Can you be one of those people?”

Where does the money go? Well, it goes to the VISION. To the CONCEPT. To solving a COMPLEX PROBLEM. To the great VISIONARIES you’re entrusting to make this happen. (Usually answers the “To what end?” or “How do we put ourselves out of business?”)

You can talk about the Vision, the funding priorities and the plan that will get you there.  Then go back up to 30,000′ for the ask. It’s Steve Jobs asking John Scully, “Do you want to sell sugar water all your life? Or, do you want to change the world?”

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