EVERYTHING is a story. It’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for your prospects.


If Effective, Then Plenty of Money Available

“Most philanthropists, even experienced ones,
say that it’s harder to give money away effectively
than it is to make it.”
– Beth Cohen, Director of the Global Philanthropists Circle (GPG) (An organization created by David Rockefeller’s great granddaughter)

A few thoughts on that point:

  • You should be asking whether or not your organization is an effective use of funds. The answer is either yes or no.
    • If NO – then you don’t deserve the money (pretty simple.)
    • If YES – then the issue is that you’re not able to communicate your effectiveness.

    This goes back to one of our principle message points: Impact drives Income.

    This should be encouraging!

  • Think much bigger about your Impact and Income. Think big about your qualified prospects. The greater the capacity and philanthropic interest, the more difficult it is for that person to be effective (evidenced by the quote from Cohen).
    This means there is an entire network of investors out there looking for you (if you are an effective investment).

    This should also encouraging!

  • Trust me, most organizations are not out communicating their impact. While we know there are plenty of people who have ‘short arms and deep pockets,’ I have a tough time accepting that judgment about somebody before going to see them.
    • Most people don’t go visit with the prospect: they send a letter, don’t hear back, call it a rejection, and chalk it up to the idea that the prospect is “getting hit up by everybody.” Or, “It’s a competitive environment.”
    • When they do visit, they ‘ask for money’ (instead of ‘presenting the opportunity.’) They don’t communicate the impact. What the prospect hears is, “We want your money,” instead of, “This is how the investment will change lives, save lives or impact lives.”
    • Or, worse yet, they visit, talk about the NEED for money, share no impact and make no real ask.
  • So don’t base your assumptions about prospects (people, foundations or corporations) on what you’ve heard on the street.

    Try this.

    • Get a visit with a qualified prospect.
    • Share the story around your impact (communicating your effectiveness).
    • Present the opportunity to make an investment that will change lives, save lives or transform lives.

    It makes all the difference in the world. You will be successful and the word on the street will be that you walk on water.