EVERYTHING is a story. It’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for your prospects.

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No More Strategic Plans


“When people talk to themselves, it’s called insanity. When organizations talk to themselves, it’s called Strategic Planning.”

Most ‘Strategic Plans’ are an INTERNAL work of fiction usually prepared by left-brain, accountant types who love outlines, charts, 5-year projections, etc. If you’re looking for an undecipherable, unimaginative, unread, super thick binder to use as a bookend or a doorstop then, by all means, do a ‘strategic plan!’ The old-line, old-school Case Statements worked in their time, but that time has passed. There’s no engagement, no sharing, no dialogue, no involvement, no support.


If you really, really want to achieve your Vision, fulfill your Mission, live your Message, then prepare an ACTION PLAN that will provide focus and direction for the next 1,000 Days (11 Quarters, 33 Months, almost 3 Years.)

Include 90-Day Goals and Priorities. Monthly Checklists and Measurement. Timely Celebrations. All of this will engage your team and leaders in a focused manner.

P.S. Match this with a 1,000-Day FUNDING PLAN and you will be well on your way to success.