EVERYTHING is a story. It’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for your prospects.


Best Practices vs. Next Practices

I was re-reading a great book for entrepreneurs called Mavericks At Work by Bill Taylor and Polly Labarre. (Bill was Co-Founder and Founding Editor of Fast Company, one of my favorite, favorite magazines; and Polly was eight years as Senior Editor there.)

I came across a powerful line about ‘Best Practices’ vs. ‘Next Practices’. My own interpretation of this thinking fits our For Impact Point of View and Methodology.

In many cases, ‘Best Practices‘ are ‘Old Practices‘ that have worked in the past… and people are able to point to them as a reason for results.

As stated in ‘MAVERICKS‘, ‘Next Practices‘ become more about “insights and a business plan for the 21st Century… a new way to lead, compete and succeed”.

Just last week, we were asked, again, “We just want to know what are the ‘Best Practices’ used in Development and Fundraising.”

In my old Tom Peters’ style, I would respond, “There aren’t any.” In my new, mellower, coaching style, I would respond, “There are certainly SOME Best Practices. However, it’s all about the NEXT PRACTICES that are going to make the difference.”

Impact Driving Income.
Strong Message and Purpose and Vision.
The Today | Tomorrow | Forever Holistic Model.
A Great Sales Process.
Ridiculously Simple Engagement Tools.
Talent That Can Sell.
…and on and on.

If what you are about is scaling and growing your IMPACT. If you are about your Vision. If you are about the future. If you are about Funding that Vision.

Then, you should be looking at NEXT PRACTICES.