EVERYTHING is a story. It’s up to you to LEAD the story for the organization, for your team, and for your prospects.


You Become What You Think About

In 1950, Earl Nightingale wrote The Strangest Secret. The secret (common to many beliefs, all sectors, and all definitions of success):

We become what we think about.

If this is true then what becomes of us when our entire thinking is about ‘nonprofit’? Or…

Woe Is Us?
Meetings To Set Up The Next Meeting?
Cuts in Staffing?
Can’t Make Payroll?
People Won’t Pay For The Staff’s Salaries?
A 5% Increase In The Budget?
(Which, of course, will have absolutely NO impact
on your IMPACT!)

What if we think, instead, about changing the world?




To Save, Change and Impact Lives.

Any difference?

If all we think about is the ‘bad stuff’, there’s no room left to focus on the ‘good stuff.

NOTE: Earl Nightingale is the father of personal development. Written in 1956, his book, The Strangest Secret, was the seed from which the personal development industry grew.

When Earl was 35 years old, he recorded this short message for a small group of salesmen one Saturday morning. The message had such a positive IMPACT that everyone wanted copies to share with their friends and family. Earl arranged with Columbia Records to duplicate this record and ultimately received a Gold Record for sale of a million copies. This is in the 1950’s!

This book/message is only 19 small pages and takes less than 30 minutes to read or to listen to the audio.